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how to write an accounting memo

An official memo is no place to single someone out in a critical way, so focus on facts and constructive plans for the future. Readers should know instantly what you’re communicating to your audience in the introductory paragraph. You need to craft the content of your memo to address questions that employees may have. List the purpose of the memo before expanding on details about the decision-making or what led to the current situation.

Should a legal memo be single or double spaced?

Your line-spacing default will be single-spacing, but most legal memos are double-spaced. Double-spacing leaves room for the reader to write notes between lines, but it also uses up twice as much paper or takes twice as long to scroll through on the screen.

Debit Memorandum is also created as a reminder that a certain debit has been made to an account, and the relevant credit entry also needs to be made, at a later time. Of course, there are many different reasons you may need to write a memo, and deciding credit memo what to say can be challenging. Accounting-focused memos, such as credit memos are debit memos, will be very different from human resources memos used for things like employee discipline, performance reviews, or promotion recommendations.

Accounting Memo

Generally, memos don’t include a farewell (such as “Sincerely, Tonya”), but it may be appropriate depending on your message or your company’s style. Stress how the recipients will benefit from following the actions outlined in the memo (“We hope these new filing procedures will save you time and lessen your workload . . . “). Give a brief overview of what the memo is about in the opening segment. The purpose of the opening segment is to clarify to recipients why they have received the memo and why they should read the document. Ensure recipients are addressed by their correct name and formal job titles. For example, “End of Quarter” as a subject line could mean anything to the recipients. Instead use something like, “New Filing Procedures for End of Quarter.”

  • Company details like logo and slogan can also be part of the credit note.
  • Review your memo to determine if your boss will be left with any questions after reading it.
  • An accountant needs to provide evidence of items in the general ledger .
  • Avoid using emotional language—such as, “I would be happy if everyone took turns cleaning the microwave in the break room”—because you might rub people the wrong way.
  • Memos can be addressed to a single person or a group, so tailor your message to reflect the concerns of your audience.
  • Either way, this is something that is quite subjective and is primarily contingent on the preexisting need to have memorandums in the first place.

While this group was able to complete its projects on time last year, Allison Christian in Accounting tells me that the full-time employees averaged 3.5 hours of overtime per week throughout the year. Given that fact, our new contract with LEE-MAR Industries will soon put a strain on both the group and our budget. In some religious orders, the title in the salutation is followed by the reader’s first name. Early last week, we received your letter, along with a drawing of the deck that you want to add to the east side of your restaurant. Capitalize the first word only and add a comma after the closing. Other sizes may be used for personal correspondence, executive letters, or mass mailings. Use the letter format (full-block, semiblock, or simplified) that your company prefers.

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If your message needs to include bullet points, headings or graphs, a memo is a great vehicle to engage staffers. “To” designates who receives the memo, either an entire company department (i.e., “sales staff) or to an individual (Sally Stone, director of sales.) You can structure the “to” memo line alphabetically, or by title. But I generally don’t see a company logo appear on other pages of a memo. Let us—and your fellow SBOs—know by sharing a comment below.

If you need employees to act on this memo or reach out to a specific point-person, list this information here as well. If you’re sending documents with the memo, type Attachment or Enclosure, followed by either the number of documents or a colon and the document titles listed vertically. Usually, you can rely on common sense to tell you how to address your reader with respect. When you’re unsure, use the guidelines below and on the following pages to find a fitting title, salutation, and complimentary closing. Designates a reader or department but encourages others to read the letter.

Distribute the Memo

Better yet, ask yourself if the scope of the memo is becoming too broad and act accordingly. Jeel Patel is the Founder of InvoiceOwl and is the main curator & writer of the content found on this site. With ideals of quality, commitment, and perseverance, he believes in creating lasting business relationships with the clients.

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  • Becoming a technical accountant usually requires a few years of experience in an accounting or related role.
  • Memorandums are created in order to combat this particular issue.
  • The answers will vary based on the situation, but it’s always wise to double-check yourself in this way before delivering a written document to your boss.
  • Janice Summerline joined the accounting department as manager of accounts receivable.
  • That’s unfortunate, as a well-crafted business memo can cut through the bureaucratic red tape and get important company messages out to the right people, in a clear and concise way.

Once you know how to write a memorandum you can use Microsoft Word to type it out. Here you’ll find more than a dozen featured memo templates you can use. You simply browse through the templates and click to download the one you would like to use. When you type a memo, make sure to give the grammar and spelling in the memo a thorough check. You don’t want to turn the office into an impromptu middle school English class.

How to Make a Credit Memo

A business memo is one of the primary ways you can communicate information to all employees in your organization. Memos are intended to be a fast and effective way to distribute information, and they may include an important executive summary that breaks down the memo’s vital points.

how to write an accounting memo

And even if you goof up, don’t fret, but learn from your mistakes. For instance, if the memo is essentially an announcement about a policy change, the body can consist of one paragraph describing the change and its consequences for employees. The first step you should take before writing memos is to learn the appropriate business vocabulary.

Homework Lab does not bear any responsibility for the unauthorized submission of the examples. This action is acceptable under a normal accounting practice. Even though the costs that were incurred in December, the business tends to get returns the following year, that indicates the costs should be booked in the next year under normal accounting practices. If your message is going to wind up on a company bulletin board or in a newsletter format, or if your message will be used at a company meeting, a formal memo is the way to go.

  • As mentioned earlier, memorandums are mostly un-official documents that do not need to be necessarily published in the year-end financial statements.
  • Keep Paragraphs Short Limit each paragraph to five lines or less.
  • Get to the point quickly, so they can take the action you are asking of them.
  • It must also be noted that in certain cases, companies might opt to declare memorandums in the financial statements as ‘Notes to the Financial Statement’.

It can be challenging to proofread your own writing, so you may want to have a trusted colleague review the memo once you are fairly certain that it is error-free. Having that second set of eyes can help you catch and correct additional errors. Read your memo at least two or three times, keeping a lookout for typos or grammar errors. Then read once more to ensure you’ve covered everything you wanted to. You can also keep an eye out for unnecessary details that could be cut.

While each memo includes the basic elements, sometimes you may need to add more elements. Choose “standard” or “formal” titles and salutations based on your relationship with the reader and the seriousness of the message. Type the receiver’s address—including the type of street , compass points , and full ZIP code—in the order pictured. Place the suite, room, or apartment number on the address line, after the street address.

Do you number pages on a memo?

You should make sure your memo has page numbers. I like the page number centered at the bottom of the page, but you have other options and your employer may prefer something else. It is traditional, but not crucial, to omit the page number from page one.

Stick close to it and use the blueprint to get your point across. That’s unfortunate, as a well-crafted business memo can cut through the bureaucratic red tape and get important company messages out to the right people, in a clear and concise way. Small Biz Ahead is a small business information blog site from The Hartford. We may receive compensation from companies we endorse on our blog. Any company we affiliate with has been fully reviewed and selected for their quality of service or product.

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